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June 17, 2013
K&H and Computer-aided Design (CAD): The Program and Process that Bring Your Vision to Reality

There are many aspects that go into making our Design Service phenomenal.  From paper, to computer, to the final, physical product, our team at K&H combines experience with ingenuity and technology to construct a product that you will be satisfied with.  Although there are countless pieces that go into the Design Service puzzle, we want to ensure that as a customer, you fully understand the type of program that makes this service so exceptional.  We use a software called SolidWorks, a Computer-aided Design program that allows us to create, edit, and fully customize a virtual 3D model of your product.  This program simplifies the design process and leads to high-quality machining.

 It all begins with your original design.  K&H offers free concept evaluation that determines not only the relative cost of production, but the processes required to bring your vision to reality.  Our SolidWorks program is highly efficient at importing outside translations that you may have already created.  So when you present us with a concept, we begin by importing it into the SolidWorks program.  After that, we modify the construction in a way that makes the concept acceptable for metal casting, and send the design back to you.  This ensures that the design is not only compatible with our tools, but also compatible with your vision and goals. 

 The real value of the SolidWorks CAD software lies in its convenience.  The program takes the guesswork out of product design by allowing us to manipulate all adjustments from the original design in a digital, highly accessible format.  While this may seem elementary, it is imperative in order to keeps costs as low as possible, and productivity and customer satisfaction as high as possible. 

 It would seem that the technological benefits end once a final design is agreed upon; this could not be further from actuality.  Once we receive your approval for any modifications to the original design, your product’s file is sent to our programmers who develop the paths that our tools will follow to create your prototype.

 While all of this is happening, we import your file into a program called PC-DMIS that inspects the design and makes sure that the product is ready for production.  After the entirety of these operations is completed, your design begins to come to life through our Computer-aided Manufacturing capabilities.  By utilizing computer software for a large majority of the Design Service process, we guarantee that the final product is completed just as you envision it.

 There you have it: a complete description of how all of us here at K&H utilize every possible technological resource to machine a product that you will be satisfied with.  From conception to creation we take advantage of our CAD software and everything else at our disposal to create a product that embodies true K&H Precision.


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