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November 9, 2013
Prototype Casting

Prototype casting programs set the stage for the successful design and introduction of many cast products. It is an expedient and economical  approach to developing and testing the fit, form and function of your product design.

Prototype has many advantages, including:

  • Improved production lead times
  • Proves out both design and manufacturing processes
  • Minimizes cost and overall risks in new designs
  • Offers an economical forum for product improvements
  • Presents opportunities for early cost reductions
  • Limits the costs of engineering changes
  • Allows for incremental steps in development
  • Enhances sales and marketing of "new concepts"
  • Accelerates the "time to market"

There is a substantial number of excellent and cost-efficient options available to customers when considering prototype tooling. Our staff will help you evaluate a number of options.

Large project or small, prototyping is a value very much worth your time to consider. Allow us to design and engineering team an opportunity to get your program off to a successful start.


Aluminum die casting Honeoye