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September 26, 2012
Media Involvement

As some of you may have noticed, K&H is becoming more and more involved in the online world. We are now up and running on many different types of media sites including social, blogging, and video. In social media, we update sites including; Facebook (K&H Precision Products Inc.), Twitter (@KHPrecision), Google+ (K&H Precision Products), and LinkedIn (K&H Precision Products Inc.). We also have a video uploaded on Youtube which describes what our company can do for you and how we view ourselves; the video is titled 'kh precision v2 1 1'. Lastly, we've been updating a blog every month under a site called WordPress (the 'W' icon). So, check out our media sites, and start following them for the latest updates throughout the industry as well as the thoughts and opinions of our team here at K&H!

Each of these icons; socialicons.pngcan be found in the top-left of the page along with a direct link for each- simply click on the one you desire! 

September 6, 2012
Summer's End

As Labor Day passes, the team at K&H would like to thank all of our customers (with a special thanks to the medical and automotive industries) for supporting us through the summer. With that being said, we are always looking to take on new challenges by searching for new customers and inviting those, existing and pre-existing, customers to visit us here in Honeoye Falls for a tour of our facility and find solutions for your most challenging needs. When you're looking to move things along and speed up the production process, look to K&H. If we work together as a business region, the opportunities for employment growth increase greatly. So, feel free to contact us via our website, e-mail, or phone at 585-624-4894. Join us in the effort to support and expand American Business.

Hope your summer was great- it's time to get America on the move!