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March 5, 2014
Today's Prototyping Needs


At K&H, we specialize in prototyping and low volume production castings which allows us to be flexible and always ready for a new project. We have taken our specialization and made it possible for you to get your product to market fast and efficiently. If your part has potential to become a high volume component, our process can fill your need to bridge that gap between prototype and production.  When dealing with prototypes, it is very important to not only be critical to manufacturability and accurate to your final product design but also accomplish it in a timely manner. These are two things we believe we have mastered; they are only two of our strong points and things we pride ourselves upon. Having the capability of being a one-stop shop takes the middleman out of the equation and gives our customers the comfort and confidence through every stage of the project making it easy to meet customers’ needs.  With often required development modifications, your prototype tooling can be modified quickly, economically, and at any stage of your build. From our dedicated design team, our hard-working foundry, and precise machining team, we are poised to help you with any of your prototyping to low volume needs. Let us put your ideas in your hands!