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Hybrid Molding Process

We call this a Hybrid Mold casting process as we combine the Sand Mold casting process with the Plaster Mold process enabling a wider range of parts to have better surface finish and lower porosity when dealing in a thick metal application.

  • Closer tolerance parts than traditional sand casting
  • Ability to cast wall thicknesses as from .093" - .500"
  • A better surface finish one side of part, fine sand finish on the opposite side
  • More complex geometry than traditional oil bonded sand
  • Lower porosity and general better metal quality

Using the Hybrid Casting Process is best suited for irregular wall thickness with need for cosmetic outside look and internal metal integrity. One side of the part will have a Plaster Mold finish while the other side or core area would be Sand molded. It is a great compromise for difficult casting geometries.