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Plaster Mold Process

The Plaster mold casting process is similar to a standard sand cast process, by switching the sand mold media with a molding plaster and some modified techniques we are able to achieve several advantages to the process including:

  • Closer tolerance parts
  • Ability to cast wall thicknesses as thin as .040"
  • Yields greater definition of detail
  • Leaves a smooth surface finish similar to die casting 63 - 90 micro inch finish

Using the Plaster Process for prototyping will allow you to prove design characteristics of your part, enable modifications fast and inexpensively. The process is an excellent bridge to high volume die casting production giving you hands on parts for internal process refinements and product for marketing to help get your product to market fast. The Plaster mold process can also be used for a permanent low volume production application with a low tooling price and a life of product guarantee on your tooling.

To sum up the advantages, no surprises, no delays, no funds tied up with drawn out project builds, Confidence of your end result prior to production.

plastermold1.jpg plastermold2.jpg