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part design
CAD Design / 3D Solid Part Design Modeling 

CNC Machining 

k & h precision
CMM Inspection


Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Full Solid Model design capability using SolidWorks
  • Pattern Design
  • Castings Design assistance
  • Fixture Design
  • Full shop support on file interpretation
  • Plastic Vacuum Forming†Design with Mechanical draw components

Computer Aided Machining (CAM)

  • Full 3D MasterCam Programming
  • Solid model programming
  • Secondary Casting machine programming
  • Hog Outs direct from customer supplied geometry
  • 2D wire frame programming
  • SLA Prototyping

Pattern Shop

  • CAD - CAM machined tooling in Urethane or Aluminum
  • Pattern to Cast Aluminum tooling
  • 3-D Stereolithography model to urethane tooling
  • 3-D Stereolithography model to casting for 1-5 pieces
  • Traditional Wood Patterns
  • Prototype through Production Tooling


  • Aluminum Foundries†
  • Ridged urethane tool casting for Plaster mold and Sand mold casting
  • Rubber Plaster Mold (RPM) process
  • Precision fine sand No-Bake mold casting
  • Plaster mold casting
  • Hybrid - combination Plaster & Sand
  • Thin Wall cast features to .06" thickness
  • Prototype aluminum castings from ounces to 150 pounds


  • Full Quality Department
  • Complete Gage Calibration - Certification Program
  • DCC- CMM measuring capability with SPC available
  • Surface finish and a full host of manual inspection equipment
  • ISO:9001-2015 Registered

CNC Machining

  • Full CAD to CAM machining capability
  • DNC server for multiple machine buffering
  • Full 4th axis machining
  • NC Turning
  • HAAS & PROTOTRAC controls


  • Light Assembly
  • Subcontract Paint and Metal Finishing
  • Boxing & Packaging for ship to shelf ability

Prototype aluminum castings